Abstract art set colorful diptych wall art prints bright pink navy blue canvas artwork extra large giclee print trendy modern wall decor set




Abstract art canvas set in three options to pick from: archival paper wall art prints, giclee canvas roll or ready to hang stretched canvas prints with black sides and wires, shipped in the box. digital prints show textures from paint like it’s a real canvas. Trendy bright pink and navy blue diptych art set from small sizes to extra large prints for huge walls, have them to either side by side or on each side of the fireplace or cabinet, hang them vertical or horizontal. Art set with unlimited flexibility.
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Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 19 cm
3 options to pick from

10"x12"ready 2 hang, 12"x16" canvas roll, 12"x16" paper print, 12"x16" ready 2 hang, 13"x19" paper print, 16"x20" canvas roll, 16"x20" paper print, 16"x20" ready 2 hang, 18"x24" canvas roll, 18"x24" paper print, 18"x24" ready 2 hang, 22"x26" canvas roll, 22"x26" paper print, 22"x26" ready 2 hang, 24"x30" canvas roll, 24"x30" paper print, 24"x30" ready 2 hang, 30"x40" canvas roll, 30"x40" ready 2 hang, 8"x10" paper print, 8"x10" ready 2 hang


3 options for art prints, giclee canvas roll, or ready to hang stretched canvas, paper prints