Blue abstract triptych wall art set of 3 canvas prints three piece oversized artwork ready to hang canvas bright blue yellow abstract art




turquoise blue triptych art set on paper or stretched canvas ready to hang set with blue edges and wires to hang. Blue abstract triptych wall art set of 3 prints, three piece artwork, large wall art set, keep them together or separate in each room, create diptych, give one as a gift, Use simple IKEA frames. You will get equal size three piece paper print. Triptych art trending now for holiday decor and gift ideas contemporary home office decor.

Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 19 cm
paper prints or canvas

10"x12" ready 2 hang, 11"x14" paper, 12"x16" paper, 12"x16" ready 2 hang, 13"x19" paper, 8"x10" paper, 8"x10" ready 2 hang


or stretched canvas prints, paper prints