Copper wall art canvas print rustic artwork shabby chic home decor canvas abstract forest metallic tree large oversized giclee print Etsy




rustic artwork in pink and copper wall art print in tree options to choose from: fine art paper print, canvas roll or ready to hang stretched canvas giclee wall art print on gallery thick stretcher and have finishes edges in black. primitive trees prints rustic shabby chic home decor folk art abstract forest metallic look large canvas art print shows 3D textures, visually it’s like a real painting, pick your size and option. back to my Etsy shop

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm
select from 3 options

10"x12" ready 2 hang, 11"x14" paper print, 12"x16" paper print, 12"x16" ready 2 hang, 16"x20" canvas print, 16"x20" paper print, 16"x20" ready 2 hang, 18"x24" canvas print, 18"x24" paper print, 18"x24" ready 2 hang, 22"x26" canvas print, 22"x26" paper print, 22"x26" ready 2 hang, 24"x30" canvas print, 24"x30" paper print, 24"x30" ready 2 hang, 30"x40" canvas print, 30"x40" ready 2 hang, 8"x10" paper print, 8"x10" ready 2 hang


giclee canvas roll, or stretched ready to hang art, paper prints, tree options to pick from