large abstract art canvas oversized teal and pink abstract print modern square canvas contemporary painting teal blue blush pink wall art




extra large abstract all art canvas print in teal and blue wall art print in 3 options to choose from: paper prints, giclee canvas rolls, or gallery stile canvas wrapped extra large ready to hang wall art up to 48×48. Etsy canvas prints minimalist blush art, oversized abstract in pink teal blue for any room in the house. No signature allows you to position anyway you like it. Shipping art prints in the tube, stretched option ready to hang shipped in the box. Thank you for visiting, back to my shop

Additional information

Dimensions 48 × 48 cm
select from 3 options

12"x12" paper, 16"x16" canvas, 16"x16" paper, 18"x18" canvas, 18"x18" paper, 20"x20" canvas, 20"x20" paper, 24"x24" canvas, 24"x24" paper, 30"x30" canvas, 36"x36" canvas, 40"x40" canvas, 48"x48" canvas, stretched 12"x12", stretched 16"x16", stretched 18"x18", stretched 20"x20", stretched 24"x24", stretched 30"x30", stretched 36"x36", stretched 40"x40", stretched 48"x48"


3 options for art print, canvas roll, or ready to hang stretched wall art, paper print