Modern Farmhouse Living Room Wall art Decor, rustic white flowers still life print for shabby chic home original giclee white flowers decor




Modern Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Rustic Flowers still life from my oil painting. On this art print you see each brush stroke and oil paint textures, White Rose flower art print is printable in large giclee canvas formats for a grant entryway of dining room, any room in your home decor. Select paper or canvas giclee print option, they are UNFRAMED, stretched option shipping in the box and have black finished sides. back to my Etsy shop: giclee white flowers

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 48 cm
3 options for prints

11"x14" paper print, 12"x16" paper print, 13"x19" paper print, 16"x20" canvas roll, 16"x20" paper print, 18"x24" canvas roll, 18"x24" paper print, 22"x28" canvas roll, 22"x28" paper print, 24"x30" canvas roll, 24"x30" paper print, 30"x36" canvas print, 36"x48" canvas print, 8"x10" paper print, stretched 10"x12", stretched 12"x16", stretched 16"x20", stretched 18"x24", stretched 22"x28", stretched 24"x30"


art prints on paper of canvas, or stretched ready to hang canvas prints, unframed paper print or canvas roll