Modern Farmhouse Shabby Chic wall art print, still life white vase with field mixed flowers pink yellow green, pastel painting giclee prints




Etsy Art prints in 3 options, art prints on paper, canvas print roll or stretched ready to hang giclee canvas art print with green edges and wires to hang. So pretty and full of textures, fine art print on paper or canvas from my oil impasto painting. Country floral still life giclee print, shabby chic wall art decor, flowers botanical home decor, great kitchen art.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 30 cm
art prints in 3 options

10"x12" stretched, 12"x16" paper print, 12"x16" stretched, 16"x20" canvas print, 16"x20" paper print, 16"x20" stretched, 18"x24" canvas print, 18"x24" paper print, 18"x24" stretched, 22"x28" canvas print, 22"x28" paper print, 22"x28" stretched, 24"x30" canvas print, 24"x30" paper print, 24"x30" stretched, 8"x10" paper print, 8"x10" stretched


art print from my oil on canvas, or ready to hang option, prints on paper of canvas roll