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Figurative wall art print modern people paintings abstract portrait male face giclee canvas, people faces fine art prints of man artwork blue red contemporaneity fine art prints come in 3 options: print on paper, canvas roll you can stretched at home, or ready to hang giclee art print stretched canvas with wires and finished edges in black. Shipping all prints in the tube, ready to hang stretched canvas shipper in the box. back to my Etsy shop:

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm
art prints 3 options

10"x12" ready 2 hang, 12"x16" paper print, 12"x16" ready 2 hang, 16"x20" canvas print, 16"x20" paper print, 16"x20" ready 2 hang, 18"x24" canvas print, 18"x24" paper print, 18"x24" ready 2 hang, 22"x26" canvas print, 22"x26" paper print, 22"x26" ready 2 hang, 24"x30" canvas print, 24"x30" paper print, 24"x30" ready 2 hang, 30"x40" canvas print, 30"x40" ready 2 hang, 36"x48" canvas print, 36"x48" ready 2 hang, 40"x50" ready 2 hang, 8"x10" paper print, 8"x10" ready 2 hang


canvas print, or stretched canvas ready to hang, paper print