Teal and black canvas wall art print large still life abstract prints square dining room artwork modern teal food painting still life fruits




Abstract art canvas for modern kitchen and dining room decor, food artwork in contemporary style. Black and Teal fruit still life wall art print for kitchen and dining room, large square art print on canvas from Etsy. Size and material showing in drop down 3 options, unframed paper prints, giclee canvas roll, or ready to hang stretched canvas with black finish on the sides, that option shipping in the box. https://www.etsy.com/shop/KatyaFineArt

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 24 cm
3 options to pick from

10"x10" stretched, 12"x12" canvas print, 12"x12" paper print, 12"x12" stretched, 16"x16" canvas print, 16"x16" paper print, 16"x16" stretched, 18"x18" canvas print, 18"x18" paper print, 18"x18" stretched, 20"x20" canvas print, 20"x20" paper print, 20"x20" stretched, 24"x24" canvas print, 24"x24" paper print, 24"x24" stretched, 8"x8" paper print, 8"x8" stretched


giclee canvas roll, or ready to hang stretched canvas, paper print